An artist par excellence, Bhavna sonawane is an internationally acclaimed Indian Contemporary Artist for her unique style of using metal with acrylics to give life to her imagination and fantasies. Its the fusion of metals and it's color along with traditional soft colors which make her style inspiration.

   She is widely published for her notable work like Homes and Houses, The Musician's Dwellings, Holy Spaces,  Moons, Lotuses,  Trees of Life, Insect series, the City of Life in a naive way of expression and has her artwork displayed in famous galleries across the country and notable European art hubs like Paris and Sweden. Her work is installed in many properties in India,  Paris, Maldives, etc Some of her work even adorn the walls of the world bank, Washington DC!!


Apart from creating soulful pieces in paintings, Bhavna effectively uses many other mediums to translate her thoughts about this modern world into artworks which range from beautiful metal Enamels,  ceramics work, metal Repoussee and in Sheet cuttings.  She writes stories of her travel and sometimes creates fantasies there too and those atmospheres can be clearly noticed in her works Like an amalgamation with various forms together in her canvas. 

   Bhavnas artwork reflects on her Simplicity of forms. A simple idea with which she started off creating life on canvas, the childlike thoughts without complications in mind and innocent forms, with minimum lines & subtle soft colors. As the world has started becoming more and more materialistic, bhavna started working with natural elements as her favorite inspirations for expression in her art.

She is very passionate about her creations. No wonder its happiness which is written all over her work. So well received the style is that it is still very visible in her work. The simplicity in forms leads to exploring purity of mind, quest of love, the serenity of nature, and the innocence which still prevail in the humdrum of Mumbai life, the city which has both inspired and baffled her most. She was happy to see her Paintings in the Collection and adorning the walls of Apollo Hospital, Mumbai, her favorite city since her childhood.  Adding to her penchant for creating something different she has single-handed brought back the long-forgotten Ancient Indian Modi script to life and is using it in her artwork giving it more meaning. As she writes what comes to her mind blended as a form giving it more meaning. While working on subtle colors and those innocent forms of expression, she also works in Metal Repoussee, Metal Sheet and Enamelling.  Bhavna has traveled a few European countries including France, Spain, and Italy watching the Art of the Masters which she earlier studied during her Academics.  During her three months of Artist Residency in Paris, she repeatedly visited the Musee de Louvre and Musee de Orsay and that brought a positive turn towards Art and Life in 2007. Later on, she skipped the idea of sticking at only one form of Art or Pattern and decided to keep learning new forms of Art and keep blending the same into her new works. Thus while her return in India, she added Metals to her Life and Works.

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